Saturday, May 17, 2008

Wednesday CoOp

Our CoOp lesson Wednesday was a continutation of Mrs. Brenda's wind study a few weeks ago. This time, we learned all about the 4 components of flight...wind, drag, lift, & thrust.

Our original plan was to meet at the park, but since it had poured the night before & everything was muddy, Mrs. Brenda was really resourceful & rented the community room at the Rec Center next door!

After we talked about the components of flight, everyone tried their hand at making paper airplanes (with much assistance from Mrs. Brenda). This was a very hard task for me because pretty much anything "spatial" throws my brain for a loop!
I think Reese & I did's his yellow airplane...
We had an awesome morning learning about paper airplanes & I could even remember the steps when we came home!


Anonymous said...

Ok, this is just cruel for me to say...but the four components of flight are actually thrust, drag, lift, and weight. I have my pilot's license and sadly, I couldn't think of the fourth one Wednesday...but I knew "wind" just sounded wrong. Anyhoo...who cares right?! I'm a dork. Love the pics. Funny how Reese is always right in the center of your pictures...are you proud or sumthin??!!

Anonymous said...

PS--what program did you use to make the cute sign for this blog? ("Reese's View of the World")