Friday, May 23, 2008

CoOp Wednesday: PetLand tour

We had a great morning at PetLand Wednesday for CoOp. Thanks, Mrs. Melissa, for thinking of such a neat trip!

Reese had fun playing with the hermit crabs while we waited for our friends to arrvie....

Inside PetLand, they have a party room where we could all gather to hold various furry & scaly pets. They started with a basket full of guinea pigs, which were beyond cute...Reese did such a good job being gentle and holding them carefully.
I'm always proud of Reese because even though he's not in a classroom all day *gasp*, he's proof that you don't need school to learn how to be a part of a group!
Next came a basket of ferrets. When I was in high school, I tried to convince my parents to let me buy a ferret. When they said no, I bought a snake instead & hid the cage next to my bed for months. Not the smartest decision, but hey, I had a job and a car. I was so grown up. Ha!

The kids got to pet all sorts of other critters....frogs, lizards, puppies. Here, Reese is petting a macaw while Mommy worries about the bird eating his face. Did I mention I really, really dislike birds?

After our fun morning at PetLand, we all headed over to Souper Salad for lunch. Just picture it...12 children & 7 moms all enjoying lunch. Don't you wish you were seated next to us? Actually, the kids were all really well behaved...until the salt fight started. But we nipped that in the bud quickly :)

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