Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Only In Homeschool Can You Discuss Geography AND Hell Together

**While sitting on Mommy's lap, on the floor, in front of a big wall map of the 50 US states**

Reese: "What state is that?"

Mommy: "That's Missouri."

R: "Who lives in Misery?"

M: "It's Missouri, and we don't know anyone that lives there."

R: "Where is Hell?"

M: "I don't think Hell is on any maps we have."

R: "It's probably on God's map. And Heaven too."

Probably so, dear ;)


Renee said...

That's cute! Made me laugh.

HRH said...

I don't know how I missed this! So funny...

Elizabeth said...

So Cute!
I don't know anyone who lives in misery either, but I do love homeschooling!
Came by way of June Cleaver Nirvana. Stop by my place if you like!
Blessings, EJT