Monday, March 31, 2008

OK...Back To CoOp Story...

Sorry for the delay in posting about our CoOp last Wednesday. It was so frustrating losing all that typing!

Our day's topic was wind, and Mrs. Brenda had all sorts of activities to explore wind!
We started with kites! It was a windy day and Mrs. Brenda brought some homemade kites to play with.

After reading a really neat book about wind, everyone stood up & felt the wind push against their bodies and hair.

We could see the wind move our!
Everyone picked their favorite color & held them in different directions to make them spin. We talked about why they stop if you turn them one way, & why they spin when you turn them another way.
We caught air in old grocery sacks. After twisting the tops shut, everyone felt their "puff" of air trapped inside.
Next, we used our own wind to blow up balloons.

Does air weigh anything? Mrs. Brenda made her own awesome balance scale from a coat hanger, & by placing an inflated balloon on one end and a deflated balloon on the other end, we saw that air does indeed weigh something!
We used more of our own air to blow dry rice through a bowl with straws. Everyone figured out quickly what would happen if you suck in instead of blow out. Yuck!
Our last project was to make our own kite from paper, sticks, tape, & a crepe paper tail. Reese wasn't too keen on the folding, so I took over that step. But he loved taping the rods in place!
I caught Reese off on his own blowing dandelion puffs. More wind!

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HRH said...

That picture of Reese and the pinwheel is really cool. I can't believe how windy it was...