Friday, July 24, 2009

Homeschool PE

Holly invited us all to her parent's house on Eagle Mountain Lake today and boy was it fun!!!

We were the first friends to arrive, so Holly's Dad gave Reese a big ride on the jet ski.

Hi Mom!

After a bit, Holly hooked up the "Poparazzi" to the back of the jet ski, and Grandpa and Reese pulled Holly, Bianca, & I behind on this awesome toy. I don't think I have laughed that hard or been that scared in a long time. Reese & Grandpa zipped us around a corner and turned us completely upside down in the Poparazzi which was, in Reese's eyes, awesome. Mommy & the other ladies totally upside down in the lake!

Mommy's friends Bianca, Holly, & MeLissa take the Poparazzi for a spin!

Reese didn't come out of the lake for 3 1/2 hours, except to eat...which mean ole' Mommy made him pause and do!
Throwing mud was great fun!

Along with going for rides on the Poparazzi, it made a great "mountain" that the kids climbed all over...
Waiting for another ride...
And about two minutes into our car ride home, Reese was O.U.T.!

Thanks, Holly, & to the Harders for having us over today. It was so much fun!!

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texasholly said...

Soooo glad you guys came! I had so much fun. Rhett was fast asleep about 1 mile into the ride home as well! Perfect child-exhausting activity.