Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It All Fell Into Place

Yesterday, we had a morning appointment for Reese's annual pictures at the Picture People & so we headed out for our day...it was hard to believe we were really taking his Six Year Old pictures!! Since we homeschool and don't get annual school pictures, I make sure we get a set done during the summer (near his birthday).

He was beyond silly during his pictures, & the photographer kept laughing at him because he was making faces at her. When I asked him to please smile for the camera and stop making wonky faces, he said "But it's making her laugh!" Luckily, we managed a bunch of cute shots and as usual I had a hard time picking which were the best.

I think photographers prey on just that. But I did good and didn't choose more than I needed this year. One 8x10 pose and some 4x6s to mail to relatives. Self restraint...I did it for once!

We also met up with some awesome ladies from BurbMom.Net and Playin' Around Town while getting our pictures done. This particular picture date was set up by these wonderful two groups of Moms, & Reese had fun making his "Scientist Hat" and door hanger crafts that they provided while we waited for our photos to print.

With photos in hand, we walked over to our favorite lunchtime "date" spot...Corner Bakery! As usual, the grilled cheese sandwich hit the spot for Reese, and his favorite chocolate chip cookie was gone in no time!

What chocolate on my face Mom?

Reese decided to try a lemonade with lunch today...

Just a *little* tart!

After Corner Bakery, we mosied over to the water fountain to sit and watch for a bit. Then across the way, Mommy saw the Chocolate Apothecary & asked Reese if he wanted to stop in for some chocolate and a game!

Of course, there's always time for chocolate and games, so we walked over to the shop. When we got there, I was instructed to wait at the table, because Reese wanted to do the transaction himself.
Getting his change & receipt....

Did I mention my boy loves dark chocolate? I wasn't sure what he'd think of the 65% dark chocolate, but he ate them both. Perfect little squares of chocolate...

Aren't the wrappers cute?

We played a few rounds of Mancala. I love that the Chocolate Apothecary has tables in the back so you can sit and eat your chocolates and play a game of dominoes or Mancala.

Mommy lost both games...and NOT on purpose!

I just love it when a simple outing like getting pictures made turns into a full day of fun together!

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Sandi said...

He is so dang cute! That face after lemonade is priceless!