Sunday, June 07, 2009

Make New Friends, But Keep The Old....

The end of this "school year" is bitter sweet... Reese is excited to be a First Grader, but it also means that some of our homeschool friends will start 5-day-a-week school next year.
We are really, really, really, (did I say really?) going to miss spending every Wednesday with our CoOp buddies. We have been together for 3 years, and while I don't think this is goodbye forever, we won't have our scheduled-in-stone Wednesday time together.
Some of our CoOp friends have been friends from infancy. Reese & "Bean" have been big friends since they were lap babies at our Early Childhood PTA group. I instantly took to Bean's Mama and I'm sad that I won't get to hang with my friends next year as well.
Reese & "Bean" at the Pumpkin Patch, 2005
Reese & "Bean" at the Dallas Arboretum last week...
Reese was really, really, really (did I say really?)
done with Mommy taking pictures....

The more I look at the last picture, it looks like one of those bad Olan Mills photo backgrounds...but it was an entire house made from purple flowers, surrounded with a white picket fence. All us Mommies wanted one of these for ourselves in our backyard. It was just beautiful!!

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