Monday, June 08, 2009

The Best Baseball Team....Thanks Coach Picquet!

Some seasons are just magical. That's the only way to put it. One year, when Jeff coached Austen's basketball team, we had a Magical Season. The parents were great. The boys on the team were a wonderful combination of personalities & talent. That only happens every once in a while.

We were lucky enough to have this experience again with Reese's baseball team, the 5U Orioles.

We weren't the best team out there, but Coach was great, the dads were involved, Jeff had a great time working with the team, I got to know some of the Moms, & the boys were great. I can honestly say it was another Magical Season.

Our last game was so hot, and the opposing team only had 4 players show up, so our game was only 1 inning long. The boys were excited to move onto the party afterwards, so all was good!
Sometimes it's hard to focus....

Check out this red faced boy!

He was so excited to get his trophy :)

After Coach Picquet's trophy presentation,
the boys were surprised with...
Silly String!
And water balloons!
You can see the lovely wet gooey string of Silly String hanging off Reese's face here...

Daddy was always nearby on the field to offer a big
Thumbs Up
back to Reese....
We are so happy that Coach Picquet has decided to coach again in the Fall Season. Thanks for all your dedication, Coach Picquet...Reese had a fantastic time!!


blessedintexas said...

He's such a cutie in his uniform! And it sounds like he had a blast.

Chandra said...

Completely adorable! Glad you had that 'magical season'!