Saturday, June 06, 2009

Invasion From The Pod

Usually in the summers, we find lots of praying mantises
around the backyard.
Last summer, we caught two praying mantises,
put them in the terrarium together.
And wouldn't you know it...
we had a male & female.
Let's just say they quickly got to doing their business,
and it is true that the female kills the male
when they're done.
She just darted towards him, tore off his head (!)
and ate him stem to stern.
So we let her go in the backyard,
and I believe that is why we are finding these.....

Lots & lots of praying mantis babies all over the back patio!

They are much cuter to hold when they're an inch long,
and we won't be catching any more pairs this year.
I felt so guilty about putting that male into the Terrarium Death Trap last summer!

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blessedintexas said...

What awesome pics! Funny story too.