Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pumpkin Express

We made another fun trip to the pumpkin patch on Friday...this time it was the Pumpkin Express.
Reese, with a very silly smile...

He's trying to look mean & scary, but Mommy loves the missing tooth!

Reese took a picture of Mommy with the creepy mannequin that had flies buzzing around his hair....don't get too close!

Such a handsome boy...

Reese loves riding the teeter totter! Why don't they have those on playgrounds anymore?


cbashara said...

I was very recently wondering about teeter totters (or see saws)! I loved them. I tried finding information about it online and can't find a thing. Merry-go-rounds are missing too! The only thing I can think is the 'safety' factor, but by that rationale I guess we should get rid of swings and slides and monkey bars too. I think it's a shame :(

Shannon said...

What a cutie - I love that sweet smile with the missing tooth! :)

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.

Looks like you and your little guy have a lot of fun.

Shannon @ Song of my Heart said...

Hooray for Pumpkin Express - I took not one single pictures of my kids :)

We are going to go back next week.