Thursday, October 23, 2008

Disney World: Wednesday & Thursday Morning

A few shots from our fun yesterday & this morning...

Reese insited on wearing a tie on the plane to "look nice" and he was determined to wear his tie to Disney as well.
He sure looked spiffy!

We usually skip the parades because for one, we've seen them all, and two, we'd rather do rides! This time though, we got stuck in the middle of a parade & couldn't cross the street, so we watched. Or rather, Reese sat on the sidewalk and played with his new gun & Mommy took pictures...Daddy kept an eye open for a break in the action so we could move!

This morning, Reese wanted to head to Hollywood Studios so that was our destination. We wore our matching Mickey Head shirts that we made with our favorite Butterbean & her Mommy.
The top picture is us riding Tower of Terror...Reese's favorite ride ever! Check out his little arms. He holds them up the whole time we're rising and falling.
And then Jeff saw this gal as we were leaving. Check out the footwear choice...

Jeff wore a pedometer a few times, and we averaged about 12 miles of walking a day. Who in their right mind would wear these shoes to walk 12 miles? I fully understand the need to maximize one's hotness, but isn't there a time & a place for heels like this? I'll take my Crocs and my sneakers any day,thank you!
And this is what happens after a very, very busy day of travel & Disney:


LuckyMe said...

so cute. Love the tie with the golf shirt. How long will that last? Wish you could bottle it! said...

ok that is so funny - I watched the whole thing - so cute



cbashara said...

OMG! So cute! I'd be the same way if I walked 12 miles ;-)