Saturday, October 18, 2008

Is This REALLY Necessary?

Halloween is such a fun time for kids, & I love all the cute Halloween decorations & activities. However, I do not like all the evil, scary, gory, mean decorations.

There's a neat pumpkin patch farther from our house that we usually visit just once a year, and I never understand their decoration choices. They have a plethora of cute things...grinning ghosts, scarecrows, Jack O Lanterns, even cute mummies. But then they throw in these really creepy things too.

Check out this video I took. Mind you, this is a place set up for the Little Kid this really necessary?


spinning in our own direction said...

noooooo... I am guessing that was the pumpkin express. and then to be playing the abc song.. please... THere wasa house we passed yesterday leaving a freinds house and the had a stuffed guy witha chainsaw and all these other stuffed people with fake blood all over them and heads cut off.. come on seriously people

Robyn said...

i totally agree. i do not like the yucky scary gory stuff either. cute pumpkins and fall leaves are so much better! i like the pumpkin pics!