Monday, October 27, 2008

Disney World: Thursday Night Through Saturday

Thursday we rocked our matching Mickey Head shirts...
I brought along some glow sticks & a light up Mickey pin for the night.

Reese's favorite ride at Magic Kingdom is The Haunted Mansion

I think we rode it 7 times one day, and who knows how many times the other days!

Reese also loves to drive the race cars. He usually insists on going with Daddy, but I was able to sneak in a ride with him this time!

Fun on Saturday at EPCOT
Reese wore his tie again...and requested that I bring more collared shirts on our next trip so he can wear his tie every day :)
He made big friends with the ducks as he ate his french fries.
Reese also loved the viking hats in Norway!

Yay for out of order pictures!

On Friday, it rained and rained! Jeff bought some ponchos a while back & guess who forgot to pack them? We ended up stopping to buy some Disney ponchos before heading to the park.
They did a great job of keeping us all dry
and by day's end, the clouds had parted & we put the ponchos away!

More wet poncho fun!!

We went to the Hall of Presidents for the first time ever!
What? There's something at Disney we've missed in the past?
Reese made me laugh. The Hall of Presidents has every US President in animatronic form, and Reese was convinced that some of them were REAL!
Reese stopped to say hi to Donald Duck becuase the line was short.

Four more weeks until our next visit~

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