Friday, July 18, 2008

The Mind Of A 5 Year Old

Today, Reese asks...

"Does SpongeBob Squarepants ever go pee?"

Where does this stuff come from??


Nanny Goats In Panties said...

Spongebob rocks! Why just yesterday I was walking around the house muttering, "Tartar sauce!".

Always Home and Uncool said...

Wow. That's a good question. If he peed, wouldn't he just reabsorb his own urine? Head hurting. Ow, ow, OW!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! Yes kids say the darndest one day I was listening to a song called "Be Exalted" -- about lifting God's name up. And Jack says "Momma, is 'Be Exhausted' your favorite song? Priceless!!

Anonymous said...

My kids quote Spongebob.
I swore I would never let them watch it, until I saw an episode.
It's actually pretty funny.

Hey, I homeschooled, too!
I'm taking a break from it right now, though.

Blessings to ya!!

Lizz @ Yes, and So is My Heart said...

Oh, I love it. I needed that laugh. Don't they say the best things?