Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Free Entertainment At It's Best!

Our local libary hosts a summer reading challenge, & Reese completed reading the required 24 books (listening to Mommy read) and he was ready to turn in his paper for a prize.

Since we were going to be at the library anyway, I figured we'd catch the Friday Preschool summer special performance. This week, it was a group called "Boitumelo". I thought it was going to be a storyteller, which is nice, but I wouldn't have made a special trip just to hear a storyteller that particular day.

Boy, was I wrong!

Boitumelo is a performance group that specializes in Caribbean music!
Reese was totally in his element...the performers were so animated & all the songs they sang were ones that I recognized. I didn't realize that so many popular songs actually came from African songs or rhythms. Like this....who knew?

At one point, they called for volunteers & Reese was right up front with his hand raised. I was so thrilled when he was chosen, because he was able to play the drums & it made his day like you wouldn't believe!

And every good performer must take a bow at the end of their performance:

The very last song Boitumelo performed was the Limbo! Apparently, Reese has seen this done somewhere (SpongeBob perhaps?) and he was so funny trying to bed backwards to go under the limbo stick.
**Reese is wearing a black t-shirt**

I felt so glad we decided to attend the Preschool special that day. And I feel extra lucky to have a library where things like this are free!

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