Thursday, July 17, 2008

CoOp At The Water Park!

Yesterday, we joined some friends at the local water park for lots of swimming! It's amazing what a difference just a few weeks makes. We were here about 3 weeks ago, & Reese wasn't strong enough at swimming yet to be too far from Mommy's reach.

This time, however, he was all about swimming & keeping Mommy at a distance. He's done a great job at home with teaching himself how to swim!

Pulling out a camera in the middle of a kiddie waterpark isn't that smart of an idea. I made sure to stay FAR away from this contraption:
Reese was intent on spraying me!
Luckily, I was just out of reach :)

I had been playing with shutter speed on my camera. It's always set to "auto" and after reading the manual again the other night (duh!) I realized that I could change the shutter speed to a higher setting & capture things like water drops mid-air (which was something I kept trying to do but never could get it right).

Here, I just pointed my camera at a stream of water that was shooting in the air, & I think the higher shutter speed worked! I like how it looks like an ice sculpture...
I was telling Jeff last night, that at Reese's age, this nice little town water park is plenty of entertainment. I took Reese to NRH2O last summer, but at $17 per ticket, we didn't have any more fun than we did at our local town water park, which is $3 to get in! Perhaps when he's older, these small water parks won't cut it, but I'm not planning to spend that much money & gas to visit the big waterparks for many more years!


hollyandco said...

One of our favorite places! We go practically weekly :)

I love the picture of the water. I always threaten to pull out a camera but I am normally too busy running around - I need to try next time!


Renee said...

I totally agree on the waterpark thing. A season pass is economical after just two visits at NRH2O. We went Monday, for buy one get one free day, and it still cost us over $40 to get in! Ugh!

And I do love the pictures. You are a natural photographer, really you are!

mommy2nicholas said...

Awesome water picture! I've had my camera for almost three years and my To Do List still has an entry that says "Read camera manual"!

cbashara said...

Cool shots! My camera has arrived and I've been reading and experimenting too! I haven't tried playing with shutterspeed yet though. If you're interested at all I have some interesting links about digital point and shoot photography that you might like. Lemme know and I'll email them to you.