Saturday, April 19, 2008

She'd Better Like Heels...

Before I talk about the birthday present Reese picked out for me (all by himself!), first let me introduce my style habits to those of you who don't know me.

I am & have always been somewhat of a tomboy at heart. I feel most "in-my-skin" when I'm wearing tshirts, sneakers, athletic shorts, jeans, etc. I feel most "out-of-my-skin" wearing things like tank tops, dresses, lots of makeup, etc.

A few examples of my daily wear:
Reese took this picture of Mommy playing basketball. Please excuse the cornball face. You'll notice the ballcap, tshirt, camo shorts, & chunky sandals. All some of my favorite items.

I love this fleece jacket that belongs to Jeff. Also love the visor. What you don't see: jeans & sneakers complete the outfit.

Visiting the aquarium. Some of my wardrobe staples: tshirt, soccer shorts, & sneakers.

OK. So you get the idea. While I love the idea of dressing in things like jeans & heels, it's rarely my first choice when dressing in the morning. Heck, it's not even my tenth choice. Usually.

God blessed me with a son who has some interesting preferences. It started about a year ago when I took Reese to Payless for some new shoes. We were in the kid section, found some shoes he liked, & caved into their "buy one, get one 1/2 off" sale and mosied over to the Mommy section.

He picked these out, & was very convinced I should purchase them. So I did...

And while they're really, really cute (with that white embroidery all over!) they just don't make my rotation very often. I go for comfort & these fall shy of that by a long shot.

So on our next visit to Payless, the same thing happens again. I can't pass up a good sale, so when Reese found these, and they were only $5, I couldn't say no. Mind you, he's picking these out for me...

Actually, they're really, really cute. And comfortable. And they go with two things I own. So I've worn them a few times & Jeff loves the way they make my legs look. Reese gets this heavenly look in his eyes when I wear them.

A visit to Target, & a stroll through the shoe aisle brings this cute find (by Reese):

Although I can't find the other one right now, these pointy-toed, heeled boots were a must have according to Reese. I have worn these with jeans and they are very cute. Can't run in them like my sneakers, but again, Reese gets excited when I'm going to wear something with heels.

So this whole thing brings me to my birthday gift story. Jeff took Reese to Tar-jay to pick out something for Mommy. It was completely up to Reese. Last year, he picked out a Star Wars action figure for me, so I was curious what he'd find this year.

I should have known...check it out!

All by himself, Jeff said he knew exactly what I needed. I had been looking for a cute pair of black heels a few weeks ago & we never found anything while we were out.

Reese went straight to the shoe aisle...straight to the size 7 rack (what a good memory he has!), and told Jeff that "Mommy has to have these."

I mean, seriously. Peep toe. Slingback. Heel. Ribbed fabric, so as not to compete with the patent leather black heel sandals I have. They couldn't be more perfect.

Two thoughts really stuck with me.

One, he's got a killer memory that his future wife will love. He got the shoe right, AND the size right. And he's 4 years old? I can only imagine how attentive he'll be in 18 years :)

And two, his future wife had better like to wear heels. This boy was born with a strong love for high heels!!!

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hollyandco said...

Too funny! My Max (19 months) LOVES shoes and he always picks out one little baby mary jane or a nice patent leather (just one mind you) whenever we are in a shoe store to carry around with him.