Wednesday, April 23, 2008

CoOp at BassPro!

Last week we met at Bass Pro for CoOp to learn about feeding fish. There is an amazing waterfall in the middle of the store with a huge, huge, huge fish tank at the bottom full of native Texas fish.

Our tour guide gave everyone a plastic fishing worm or lizard to keep & Reese had fun pulling his apart. Go figure...

Everyone got to watch the tour guide feed the fish...this time it was live tiny little silver fish. It took no time for the fish to gulp them down quickly. The children all though it was really cool...lots of ooohs and aaaahs.
What do you do with 13 children on a tour in a store? Add food to the equation, of course!

Actually, everyone was really well behaved. We headed towards the snack shack & Mrs. Tammy treated us all to popcorn and peanutbutter fudge (not in the same dish). The kids loved watching the water wheel & fish in the pond by the snack shack.
Reese & I found this catch while on the way to the restrooms.

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