Thursday, April 17, 2008

Last Week: CoOp at Lanana Gardens

Last week, Mrs. Deb invited us all to Lantana Gardens for our CoOp lesson. Lantana Gardens has to be one of the neatest nurseries I've ever been to...loads of unique stuff with great customer service. One of my favorite places to buy plants!

We talked about garden tool safety, what exactly is a garden tool & what's not a garden tool, the benefits of lady bugs. We toured the nursery & the kids got to see, feel, & smell many different flowers, plants, & herbs. We planted a tomato plant to take home. We helped build a Fairy Garden. We ate birthday brownies that Deb made for me, along with some awesome Dirt & Worm dessert cups for the kiddos. All in about 2 hours. Whew!


jennifer said...

Wow, what a fun outing!! I'll have to set something up at our local nursery, thanks for the great idea. Love your slideshow, too!

HRH said...

That was a really fun day. That blue flower you have a picture of is really cool. I don't think I got fairy garden pictures either...I noticed that I was pretty absent from most of the pictures due to running after Rhett...ugh! I guess he had a really good time.

amanda said...

I love the dirty and worms dessert!