Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What To Do With All That Artwork?

I found an article in a magazine (I think it was Family Fun Magazine, but I can't swear to that) about what to do with all the artwork that accumulates in a year.

It suggested taking paintings that are on longer paper & cutting it into strips, making a paper ribbon of sorts. Then you tape the paper ribbon around your smaller gifts with solid colored wrapping paper underneath. Slap on a bow in the middle & it makes a really cute wrap job!

Reese isn't much into arts or crafts, so I had to modify the project, but the final result looks so cute!

Reese, Jessie, & I rolled a bunch of white butcher paper a few weeks ago & painted random stuff in red & green. We used stamps, brushes, our hands, we splattered paint, made paint was great fun!
When it came time to wrap smaller gifts, I cut the long paper into strips & found some green wrapping paper I bought on clearance last year. I can imagine how fun/cute it would be if you had artwork from all year to do this with!


HRH said...

way too cute. I have a stack I can loan you for future projects--haha. I am going to try this since we are running out of space for all the blue art coming out of a certain "commercial" artist.

Silvia said...

Wow--great idea! I wish I'd read your post about a week ago. :)