Friday, December 21, 2007

And so it begins....

I found a copy of Teach Your Child To Read In 100 Easy Lessons at the library last week & checked it out. I've been curious about the method they use to teach reading skills since I am quite familiar with the Saxon Phonics method through my 1st grade teaching.

I opened it up for the first time on the couch last night & looked through it a little bit...happy to see that it's phonics based, & lots of what I learned/taught from Saxon was in this book with a few variations.

I had the book on the couch & Reese picked it up. "What's this book about?" he asked. So I explained that it's a book that shows Mommy how to teach Reese to read. "Do you want to see what it's about?" He was very eager to sit next to Mommy on the couch & give it a shot.

We completed Lesson One last night in about 10 minutes. The "100 Lessons" are about 15 minutes long each...plenty short to zip through and feel like you've accomplished something.

We started with /m/ and /s/ sounds, verbally putting together some compound words, and reviewing the two sounds we learned. It was so cute...he was so excited and wiggly, but wanted to listen & get through the lesson with Mommy.

I was not completely prepared & do not have the 2 inch writing lines they suggest for the writing part. So I do need to figure that part out.

But we're going to move forward with Lesson 2 today and see what happens. The book claims that by the end, your child will be reading at a solid 2nd grade level. I don't care much that my 4 year old can read at a 2nd grade level. I just want to offer him some new opportunities since he's asking for them. So we'll chew through the book a lesson at a time until it's too far over his head.

I've got this book checked out for two weeks, so we'll see if it's worth purchasing!

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HRH said...

Sounds like fun! Will be curious if he continues to be excited about it and then I will race you to the library--haha!