Saturday, November 10, 2007


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Lately, Reese has been into playing board games, card games, dice games...anything! He especially likes Yahtzee. It's actually been fun watching him learn to identify the dice numbers just by looking at them instead of counting them. And there's lots of great sneaky math skills involved too! When we've got two dice, for example, he tells me the amount of one dice, then we "count on" usin the amount in the other dice. Great practice for future addition skills. Well, I guess technically, we ARE doing addition skills :)

The other thing that makes ME love playing Yahtzee with Reese is remembering playing the game with my Grandma & cousins. All gathered around the dining room table. We played Yahtzee all the time growing up with her. For a while, my Grandparents lived in Peru & throughout our family, there's Peruvian items sprinkled here & there.

At Grandma's the Yahtzee cups were special leather cups from Peru. They had a unique smell, a muffled rattle when you shook the dice in them. Imagine my delight when I was at my Mom's house & I opened her Yahtzee box to find two of these cups! She was nice enough to let me take them home for our Yahtzee box & Reese has loved using them as much as I did as a kid. They are embossed with neat cultural designs as well...I smell a hidden History lesson!
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