Saturday, November 10, 2007

Charlotte's Web at CATS

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On Thursday, Reese & I went to see Charlotte's Web at the Creative Arts Theater School in Arlington. It was a bit of a drive (almost an hour) & the theater itself is quite old & dated. BUT...imagine our surprise when the play started and the entire cast is made up of children! The youngest looked to be about 5 and the oldest perhaps in high school. The play was very well put together & I was delighted to see so many children performing for other children! When we left, Reese said that he'd like to do THAT when he gets older. He was very enamored with the fact that so many kids go to go up on stage! We talked about how much hard work goes into acting in a play & he thinks it would be a fun thing to do. We have tickets again in April for the CATS performance of The Pied Piper & we can't wait to go back!

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