Tuesday, November 06, 2007

A Tradition Is Made....

Sometimes, traditions are well thought out...like leaving Cookies for Santa or birthday celebrations.

But other times, they just sort of happen & form themselves. Our Pancake Tradition appeared last night for the first time...although we've done it hundreds of times before.

You see, when Reese & I make pancakes, I always bring out the pancake molds. I've got hearts, stars, roosters, alphabet letters, & numbers. Reese loves to pick his shapes & help make the pancakes. I never gave it too much thought...we were just "making pancakes."

Last night, however, Reese got an itch for pancakes. So I said OK, & we could make pancakes. But then Reese said something that cemented our pancake making into The Pancake Tradition.

He described the way he wanted his pancakes...with the shapes..."not just circles". To Reese, pancakes are not meer round, flat objects on his plate. They are shapes that tell stories. Making pancakes does not mean pouring batter onto a heated griddle. Making pancakes means using our special pancake molds.

I keep the molds in a bottom drawer in the kitchen with all the cookie cutters. Reese eagerly went to the drawer & pulled out the hearts, stars, a rooster, the letter C, & the number 3. And so our pancakes took shape.

I will always have our pancake molds in a bottom drawer so Reese (and someday grandchildren) can continue the Pancake Tradition with Mommy.

Sometimes, it's the smallest things that grab a child's heart...

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Linda said...

How sweet!! Thanks so much for sharing this story! I LOVE traditions and with children, you never know how a tradition will be born!!