Thursday, October 04, 2007

Wednesday & Thursday

We had loads of fun on Wednesday at CoOp. We all met here at our house for an interactive story time followed by some yummy cooking time.

I read The Little Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid Of Anything, which is a cute story about a lady who walks through the forest as different clothing articles start to follow her & make noises (boots go clomp clomp, shirt goes shake shake, pants go wiggle wiggle, etc.) She's not afraid of them even though they're trying to scare her. In the end, all the parts of clothing come together to make a scarecrow. It's a cute story, & a great repetitive tale for kiddos to get involved in.

Everyone helped act out the story as I read using the different articles of clothing I had pulled out. I was surprised that some were hesitant to participate, so the Moms gladly stepped up & took parts in the story (thank you!)

After we read the story, I talked a little bit about scarecrows. We learned how to say "scarecrow" in different languages, we learned that a child's job was sometimes to stand next to the scarecrow & clap, clap loudly to help scare the crows away, & we compared corn kernels to ground corn meal.

Next, we headed into the kitchen to bake some Cornmeal Blueberry Muffins. Everyone helped put the ingredients in the bowl, & everyone had spoons to help stir the mix. We talked about baking powder being like magic, because it made the muffins rise; & if we filled the muffin tins to the top with batter, what would happen...they would over we needed to fill them only part way up. As they cooked, I left the oven light turned on so as anyone passed by, they could see the magic happening as the muffins rose.

Reese had a hard time with the cooking. We usually cook or bake something every day together, & he was not happy to share the kitchen jobs with his friends. Looking back, I should have prepared him better for that. I didn't expect him to react like that, but it makes sense, given how much he loves to cook & how much bonding he & I do while we cook. Next time, I'll do better to prepare Reese ahead of time!

Here's a few pictures of our CoOp Morning:

Today, the Ft. Worth Zoo hosted their semi-annual Homeschool Day. Lots of great reasons to attend Homeschool Day:
*Tons of great role models & polite children. Not the crazy mass of field-trippers that we encounter any other time we go
*Cheap amission, half price train ride!
*Smaller crowds all supervised by their parents
*Educational presentations all day long

We have our method for "doing" the zoo, but today we did it in reverse. Usually, we see the typical zoo animals first (giaffes, gorillas, elephants, lions, etc) then eat lunch & maybe make it down to Texas Town for the petting zoo, play barn, & other stuff.

Today, instead, we attended the Live Animal Presentation for homeschoolers, then ate lunch, & hit Texas Town first. There was so much to see! Reese adores the petting zoo, although it was slightly disapointing that the animals were all behind fences instead of an area that the kids could go into. Once Reese found a brush though, he was quite happy & brushed the goats happily for a while.

Then we found the Play Barn, for kids under 48". We've never been in there before, and Reese had so much fun in the barn! There's so many learning opportunities in there along with a cool climbing play structure that Reese spent about an hour in. The best was air conditioned & had benches everywhere for us Mommies to sit & relax & watch.

By the time we left the Play Barn, we headed over to the ice cream parlor for two big, yummy chocolate ice cream cones. We had a method for this...Reese licked the ice cream until it got "melty", then we'd switch ice creams & I'd clean up the dripping, melty part and he'd eat the solid part of the new cone. Then, switch! And Mommy would eat the drippy part while Reese ate the cold parts of the other cone. I think I ate WAY more than my fair share of chocolate ice cream since it was about 93 degrees outside and things were melting fast!

It was 2:00 by now, & I asked Reese if he was ready to go home, or if he wanted to see the other zoo animals (we hadn't seen any of them yet!). He was still going strong, so we hopped on the train & rode back to the zoo entrance which is near the zoo animals. We made it to the giraffes & elephants, then Reese was pooped out and ready to leave. Thank goodness, because it was 2:30, Mommy was starting to wear out, and Reese needed a good nap!

I was glad to find out that the zoo has another Homeschool Day in the spring,& Daddy wants to come with us next time. We can't wait!

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