Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Monday, we visited The Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch for their first morning open this season! Although it got hot towards the end, the morning was fun & everyone had a blast. We met some friends there & checked out all the painted figures spread around the Patch. Reese was very excited to find SpongeBob Squarepants & his buddies!
This log leads into a huge hay maze which terrifies Mommy. Last year, before I realized how big the maze was, Reese crawled through the log & before I knew it I couldn't see him in the maze. There's only one way in/out, so I knew he wouldn't get lost, but it scared me not being able to see him. The hay bales are stacked about 5ft tall, & some parts are covered, so there was no telling where exactly in the maze he was. Luckily, there were only a small handful of people and nobody else was in the maze. The patch employees, Pumpkin People, crawled into the maze while I stayed by the exit in case Reese found his way out. It took only a minute for the Pumpkin Person to find Reese & show him the way out, and he was having fun and not scared at all, but Mommy was terrified. So....the hay maze is OFF LIMITS this year!

It was sure fun to pick up all the little pumpkins...some were pretty heavy! And can I just say, does this boy have a gap in his front teeth or what? So dang cute :)

Along with being a Pumpkin Patch & Christmas Tree Farm during the holidays, this location is a family's home. The kids found a pig sleeping in a pen & were very intrigued by it.

Little play houses are always so much fun! Here, Reese is using his finger as a gun & protecting his house.

I just love the rows & rows of pumpkins...

This little house had bars on the windows, so I think it as a jail. The kids turned it into a store and brought a bunch of little pumpkins inside. They were selling the pumpkins to me, but I think I was overcharged...

Build a hay stack, & they will climb! The boys found this and instantly climbed up, threw hay down, & jumped off like a super-hero.

I'm sure we'll visit many more times this season. The Patch is only 10 minutes from our house, & it's a patch that people drive for an hour to visit! In fact, we've gone every year since we've lived in Flower Mound...Here's Reese in 2004~I must have a thing for whilte polo shirts...

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