Saturday, October 06, 2007

Treasure Island at Casa Manana

Friday, Reese & I attended the Casa Manana performance of Treasure Island. Imagine Reese's delight when we walked into the theater & saw this pirate ship that took up the entire stage!

I am somewhat an obsessive planner, and I had kept an eye on the Casa Manana website for their 2007-2008 show schedule release. Once it was published, I spoke with the School Reservations guy to place our reservation for this show & for a future show (Willy Wonka!). As soon as I received the bill, I mailed in our payment. Apparently, you can pay when you arrive instead of paying ahead of time, but I got it out of the way in advance.

Turns out, we got front row seats because, as the School Reservations director told me "You were the very first person to pay for this show!". Awesome!!!! We were in the front row, right next to one of the middle aisles where all the characters went up & down the entire show. When Reese stuck his hands out, he touched the stage....we were that close! :)

The story itself was boring to Mommy, but Reese loved it. He particularly liked the bad pirates, while Mommy liked the crazy guy Ben Gunn. He was on the island alone for 3 years & was obsessed with finding cheese. I guess his long hair & REALLY long, curly beard along with his silly acting style made his character really funny to me!

We can't wait to see Willy Wonka in May...and we get to see their Christmas show in December with our early childhood PTA group. What a treat!

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