Friday, October 12, 2007

Wednesday CoOp

We met at Mrs. Tammy's house Wednesday for a fun morning of poetry, Fall, & roasting marshmallows!

We all gathered on the couches outside around the fireplace to read some beautiful poetry about birds. Mrs. Tammy had some yummy cookies to eat while we talked about Fall & the different signs of the changing season.
Then we all headed out to the backyard to look for sticks! It was time to roast some marshmallows over the fire. Reese found some great sticks.
We headed back up to the patio and loaded our sticks up with marshmallows.

The last time we roasted marshmallows, Reese didn't like them at all. So today, I wasn't to sure if he'd eat them or if I'd get them all to myself! Reese carefully roasted his marshmallow, & then once the flame went away from the marshmallow, he smelled it. Reese is so funny this way...he pretty much always smells everything before he eats it. It made me laugh to see this picture because it's SO "Reese"!

First bite....and success! He loved the marshmallows, and had fun roasting some for Mommy to eat.
Check out that awesome marshmallow! He made this one especially for Mommy because I like them burnt. He was very, very proud to give this one to me :)

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