Friday, October 12, 2007

Let's Get Creative Online!

I recently found two fun websites that Reese loves! The internet opens a whole other "medium" for expressing your artistic side...

The first reminds me of that old Spirograph toy my grandparents had. I would spin those disks for hours making all sorts of neat designs. It always frustrated me when the teeth of the two circles would slip & mess up my perfect design.

Reese had fun with this website this morning, creating picture after picture. He thought it was fun to change the "paint" and "paper" colors. After he made each picture, we talked about what it looked like. In his pictures, Reese saw flowers, space ships, & even monster teeth.

Click here for Spirograph Fun

The second website is called Fly Guy, and it's got some really neat, peacuful music. Fly Guy interacts with random objects he encounters & our favorite is the robot :) Such creativity on the artists' part...such fun on our part!

Click here for Fly Guy

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