Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Amazing Chocolate Garden

Monday, Reese & I visited the Arboretum for an Eddie Coker concert. A few notes:

*Our 45 minute trip took over TWO hours because of traffic going to the State Fair. We were parked in I30 for over an hour & a half. Later, I heard there were over 20,000 people attening the State Fair that day to hear some teen band. UGH! I won't be going to Dallas any time soon--I'll stick with Ft. Worth!

*On Columbus Day, avoid ALL events, even a children's concert at the Arboretum. There were soooo many people there, Reese even commented "Mommy, why are all these people here?" Better question honey, why are WE here?

* Reese's favorite things about the morning: playing with a fuzzy caterpillar, petting the goats & sheep. Both of these things could be found within 15 minutes of our house for free! Lesson learned...

The morning wasn't a total waste though. At the Arboretum, there's an educational, interactive display called "The Chocolate Garden".

There were different stations teaching all the steps in making chocolate, from cocoa bean to pouring the chocolate into molds. It was great how hands-on the activities were, because as we walked back to the car, Reese was able to tell me from start to finish how chocolate is made!

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