Tuesday, October 02, 2007

An Explioision Of Exciting Super Shoot!

Reese & I love going to our local CCA (Christian Community Action--similar to Good Will). There's always so many random bargains to find! Usually, we stop in just to see what's there, but yesterday we were on a mission.

For our upcoming cruise, there's a pirate night & we're all dressing like pirates. I've had fun piecing together our costumes (instead of just going out & buying one), and the last piece I needed was a vest for my costume. Reese & I struck gold, and I found a black suede vest, in my size, for $1! What a deal :)

Reese always likes to go into the toy room & he found this fun air hockey game. AND, the toys were 1/2 price so his new game cost...drum roll please...a total of $2! We had a little talk on the way home about what would happen if it didn't work after we put new batteries in it, because I wanted to prepare him for the fact that a CCA toy might be broken & that's why it was there in the first place.

Luckily, I put in two new batteries & it came to life! We've had fun the past two days playing air hockey, & we've talked about how toys don't have to be brand new from the store to be AWESOME!!!

Sometimes, we've found that toys designed in a different country come with some crazy translations in the labels & instructions. It was so funny to read the top bar of the air hockey game..."Expliosion of exciting super shoot!" Um, OK. Not only did they have a spelling error, their translation makes no sense!!!

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