Monday, October 01, 2007

Saturday Fun

On Saturday, Reese & I met some friends at the opening event for a new, huge Town Square type shopping center. The main reason we went was to see Eddie Coker, who Reese calls the "Woo Woo Man." We got there early enough to check out the new shopping center, which is beautiful! We grabbed a table & waited anxiously for the show to start!

Reese is always the first to start dancing, & at the show he hopped right up once Eddie began singing. He was so excited when Eddie came down from the stage & sat at our table for a minute!
He was so NOT excited when he didn't get to go up on stage. Actually, he was in tears. Talk about breaking Mommy's heart!

There were all kinds of other entertainment (for free!) to take part in. Reese found this "statue" sitting on a stool. All the kids weren't sure what to make of it. Then they saw him blink! Huh? It was a man painted gold, & every once in a while he'd change positions & freak all the kids out. A few times, with older teenagers, he'd scare them by yelling BOO, which was really funny because everyone would scream. But he didn't do that to the Littles, thank goodness, and they thought he was really fascinating.

They also had a neat lasso-man walking around. Reese stopped to watch & since nobody else was around, he asked Reese to come over. Then he did his lasso in a big circle around both of them. Reese was so excited! When he was done, the "Cowboy" handed Reese a wooden nickel, and Reese said "Mommy, now I'm a real cowboy!"

There were also balloon artists (Reese wanted a blue sword--it lasted about 5 minutes before it popped!), air-brush tattoos, bounce houses, ladies on stilts, horse-drawn wagon rides. All sorts of neat stuff! The last few minutes, we hung out & heard a middle school band play, but Reese was very unhappy that he couldn't touch the instruments, so we left. It was hot, we were both pooped out, & we had our share of fun!

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The Chance Family said...

It's neat that we were there too. Great minds think alike, right? :) The statue man was very impressive. He even had me fooled at first! And I loved the cowboy with the lasso, although Nicholas was afraid of him (what's that about?)