Saturday, July 14, 2007

Saturday Quote

“But there is still a frontier spirit of the heart. All of our kids are born with at least a little of it. It is what equips them with the courage to take their first halting steps, to attempt to tie their shoes, to make out their first letters in the jumble of signs, to get on their bicycles and peddle down the alleyway, to paint their first picture, or craft their first story or poem. Needless to say, we all have our little tricks and techniques to help them along when we choose.

But, in doing so, do we take enough heed to allow them to find their own frontier of the spirit? Are we circumspect enough to avoid timetables, and to provide the space—the hours, weeks, years, or decades—to enable this spirit to take root firm and deep in that unique soil that is both its source and its destiny? Can we protect our children from society’s well-meaning invasiveness, and our own?”

Have Fun. Learn Stuff. Grow. Homeschooling and the curriculum of love
by David H. Albert

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