Tuesday, July 17, 2007

After watching Charlotte's Web, Reese became Charlotte and used dentil floss to spin his very own web...all over the movie room...everywhere...
Reese helped Mommy clean out Sissy's closet & we found all sorts of fun craft projects that she is no longer interested in. We made mosaic art, and then we did Spin Art....one of my childhood favorites! I still have one of my spin art papers that I did at my grandparent's house in 1980!

One of the finished products, which looks pretty darn cool if you ask me!

More spin art!

Bubble in the grass. For Reese's birthday, one of his friends gave him this neat-o bubble blower. Although, when did bubble blowing require 2 C batteries??? Luckily, Mommy hoards all sorts of things, and a big stash of batteries yielded two C batteries! So we spent lots of time out front last night with his new bubble blower.

I mean, check out that contraption! It's pretty neat though, and makes some great big bubbles without getting bubble juice all over Reese's hands (which he HATES).

He thought it was just hillarious to blow big, soapy bubbles near Mommy & let them pop on her legs. I was covered in goo by the time we were done!

Laughing at Mommy as I protest the bubbles popping all over me! After this, we stripped down to undies & went next door to play at Reed's house. No, we didn't strip to undies BECAUSE we were going to Reeds! Reese soaked himself with the hose after washing his hands from the bubbles, and THEN we ran into Reed & his family in the driveway. The boys had fun playing until Reese had a major melt down. I'm talking kicking & screaming...which has happened ONE other time in his entire life...at Target when he was just plain over-tired. Which I think was the problem last night too. He didn't want to leave Reed's, but nothing was going right when he was trying to drive the little car, so he would just break down in tears every minute. Mommy said it's time to go home, & someone came in and possessed this sweet child, because whoa baby! Kicking, screaming, crying hysterically. Not a pretty sight. Glad we don't deal with that ever!!!! We came home, he wanted to cuddle on the couch, which we did, and called it a night. Whew!

Here's Reese blowing bubbles on Mommy:

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