Wednesday, May 16, 2007

CoOp & Other Fun

We had a great morning exploring color mixing at Mrs. MeLissa's house today. Lots of fun experimenting with paint & color in new ways!
Using "color viewers"...plastic cups with the bottoms cut out, & colored cellophane taped to the ends. If you held them up, the sun shone through the cup & projected the color onto the driveway. If you stacked two cups together, the colors would mix & you'd get new colors. Neat!
Fun with mixing colors. Look Mom, orange!
Using straws to blow bubbles into a cup of paint (which is mixed with dish soap and water as well). After bubbles came up, we set a piece of paper on the top of the cup to make neat circle prints.
Here, you can see the bubbles, and you can also see the mess all over Mommy's hands! As I type this, my fingernails are still all blue :)

Reese's blue freckles from the bubble art project.
Using (new) plungers to paint....what a fun idea! Dip it in the tray of paint, & then SPLAT onto the paper. Made lots of neat circles, and the two paint colors mixed in the trays as we stamped and stamped. This was the one activity that even the Mommies wanted to try.
The kids stepped in yellow & red paint, and as they walked it made orange footprints. You can tell they slipped & slided at first...look at the smears where they started walking! Glad everyone was holding a hand...
Cool plunger prints. We'll have to go to the dollar store and get some plungers for art time!

Here's the blue bubble prints. Turned out pretty I think. I'd like to do this onto blank note cards...

Gotta "gear up" to grab a snack! Mrs. MeLissa has some of the best toys!!!

Earlier this week, we found this chrysalis floating in the flower pot when we watered it. Not sure if it will survive. If I remember from my teaching days, the chrysalis is never supposed to lay flat on its side. I used silicon caulk to glue it to the top of this bug box, so we'll see if anything comes out in a few weeks.

Reese has been asking for a head lamp for a few weeks, and guess what Daddy found at the mall on Sunday? Just what every 3 year old needs, right? It's been fun for creative play, though...
Daddy has all sorts of fun gadgets in his office. Reese likes to use Daddy's headset to play Taco Bell Man. Reese works the drive through, and sells us tacos. That's it, he says. Only tacos.
You know that part of Sesame Street where the kids all paint on windows & acrylic sheets in a white room? Reese was inspired by that this morning & asked if he could paint on the windows. I didn't see why not, so he chose red paint & went to town!

We'll leave it for a few days I think...he was very proud of his work!

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