Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Spring is great!

Reese helped Mommy pull out the dead plants & prep the beds for new spring plants. We found all sorts of fun bugs in the dirt & roots of the plants we pulled up, but his favorite was....
The monster-sized earthworms! We have a fun book called Diary Of A Worm that he loves to read, and it was neat to find real, large worms that we could watch dig themselves back into the ground. The book touches on how worms help the soil, & so we talked about why they were in our flower beds & why we should leave them there. These were probably the biggest worms I've ever found!

I wonder sometimes where Reese comes up with things. He asked for hot chocolate out of the blue. He's never had hot chocolate, & nobody here really drinks it much. I didn't hesitate though! Good way to get some milk down this non-milk drinker!

Reese at our Montessori-inspired pouring station. I tried to just stand back & let him practice making and drinking his "tea" with my ceramic tea stuff. Lots of good practice pouring back & forth, and he was very proud of himself. It was fun to sit back & listen to him talk himself through tea!
Tomorrow at CoOp, we're going to Lantana Gardens to take a tour & plant a tomato plant. Mrs. Deb sent a diagram of the parts of a tomato plant ahead of time, so we talked about the parts. It was nice that we had just pulled up a bunch of old plants in the backyard, because Reese had a great look at the roots. Here, Reese is painting his picture with stem, leaves, roots, flowers, & tomatoes.

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