Thursday, March 15, 2007

It's Spring!

This week at CoOp, we met at Lantana Gardens, our local nursery. It was a fun morning talking about plants, capillary action, seeds, dirt, & tomatoes!
Reese is checking out a jar with beans & water. We talked about the seeds & what's inside & what will grow.
Mrs. Deb sharing the book that shows what's inside the seeds. Reese was fascinated with the seeds in the jar.

We planted our own tomato plants! Reese is scooping the dirt to fill his pot...

Look at those roots! We brought our tomato plant home in our pot & will transfer it to a bigger pot soon. We'll add a tomato cage & anticipate our first tasty tomatoes! The variety we brought home were yellow pear-shaped to me!

Mrs. Deb, in her ever-creative mode, made Dirt Pots for everyone to eat for snack! Soooooo cute...real terra cotta pots with what looked like real dirt with a gummy worm. Turned out to be a dangeroulsy rich pudding mix (can we say pudding, cream cheese, cool whip, & butter!!!??!!) topped with crushed Oreos that really, really looked like potting soil. And to plug the hole at the bottom of the pot (as if there weren't already enough sugar) Deb used a bunny marshmallow. What fun! The kids LOVED this treat, & I think the Mommies did too...I know I did!


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