Monday, March 12, 2007

Saturday Quote

“Earlier is not better! Abraham Lincoln said that if you have four hours to cut down a tree, spend three hours sharpening the blade. Likewise, it’s ultimately inefficient—and possibly harmful—to press children to attempt intellectual activities for which they’re not ready. It’s like trying to cut down the tree with a dull blade. Instead of getting the tree cut down sooner, you waste all four hours. Better to sharpen the blade first, and then proceed.”

Guerrilla Learning: How To Give Your Kids A Real Education With Or Without School, by Grace Llewellyn & Amy Silver

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Kratos said...

I agree with you.
Thats where most Educational systems fail, even the good ones. The Indian education system, like most around the world is too bent on results, and statistics... how many kids pass out with what grades etc etc.
Good real learning has been lost..
I'm glad there are still parents out there who haven't lost the big picture