Thursday, March 08, 2007

The 5 Senses

Gerva Groovie taught everyone about the 5 senses today. Reese did some really fun, new activities & he was so excited to see Gerva Groovie again!

Using Kool-Aid powder to make a picture. First, Reese sprinkled the powders all over his paper. He loved how is fingers smelled!
Then, Gerva Groovie helped Reese spray his paper with water and.....

The powder made the coolest picture! It smells really, really good too!!

Another smelling station. The vials were filled with different scents. Number 1 was Reese's least favorite...garlic. Number 2 was his favorite...cinnamon! Although, he said it was "pie" and would not listen when Mommy said it was cinnamon :)

Smelling one of the vials

Using our taste buds to determine what is sweet, sour, or salty. Reese found the chocolate right away & needed to test it a few times :) On the table are also cookies, lemons, & chips.

Making an edible dough with cream cheese & powdered milk. You can tell from his face this this gooey activity wasn't too great...for him...
At one station, there were a bunch of tools we use to see things...microscopes, hand held telescope, binoculars, and some fun home-made "lookers". Here Reese is checking out the microscope.
Using frozen "paint pops" to make a picture. What a neat idea!
Using our sense of touch...inside each sock is a mystery object. The children were to feel with their hands & guess what was inside.
Making a collage with different textures. As always, Gerva Groovie provided an entertaining & educational morning!

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