Wednesday, February 07, 2007

12=one dozen

Today's PATs was all about the number 12 and learning about "a dozen." Mrs. Holly had some fun activities planned to help the kiddos get a feel for 12!

Reading Annos Counting Book and stacking blocks as we count to 12.
Mrs. Holly shows what "12" looks like, and how to spell twelve...and that there's another word for twelve. One Dozen!

We all brought an empty egg carton, & Mrs. Holly gave everyone numbers 1-12 on cards to put in the cups. Then the kids put marbles in the cups, one in each. Next was pennies, and last was dinosaurs.

Look at Reese's Dozens!

We also worked on some addition & subtraction with our dinosaurs. Mrs. Holly gave the instructions for everyone to follow..."Take out 3 dinosaurs & make a pile. Take out 2 more and put them in your pile. How many do you have in all?" As always, PATs was great fun!

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