Thursday, February 15, 2007

Can we say "Busy?"

Gosh it's been hard to sit down & update the blog the past few days! Here's a handful of pictures from the past week...of course, only a SMALL fraction of what we actually do every day!
Having fun at a party playing air hockey.
Reese's favorite dessert lately is homemade chocolate pudding. OK, well "homemade" means opening the box of Jello Pudding mix & adding milk. But Reese thinks it's big cooking. Whisking the mix is his job, as well as licking the whisk when finished!

Busy making a card to mail to Grammie. Reese loves to write letters, and Grammie is blessed with most of them.

Our CoOp this week was at our house, & since it was on Valentine's Day, we combined our lesson with a little Valentine's party. Above, these two boys are BEST friends :)

Our group listening to me read Clifford's First Valentine.

After the story, the kiddos got bags of conversation heart candies. They sorted them by color & glued them to the sorting page. Then they counted each color & the Mommies helped write numbers on the page.

There was a PB&J station set up. The kids got to make their own PB&J sandwiches & choose a heart cookie cutter to make a heart sandwich with.

Friends having fun playing in the playroom.

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