Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Let's begin our Spring Semester!

Today we began our Spring semester with a fun new class & some great pretend play at home.

Our new class is called Dough-Re-Mi, and it's a combination music class & "dough" class. Each week has a topic (this week was shapes), and we sing songs, play games, & at the end make a dough project around the theme. Reese wasn't too sure about the class before we went in, but in the end he decided he did like it & wanted to come back next week. One of the things I worry about, as Reese's teacher, is that he's learning "enough" or "what he's supposed to be". Of course I KNOW the things he should learn, but I just always wonder if he's picking up everything we work on. Today at DRM class was a shining example of Reese's success learning at home. Not only was he willing to pipe up & name all the shapes, lead the games, & create fun dough projects....but the teacher was shocked that he knew every insturment she pulled out of her bag, including the djembe (thanks, Grammie!), tambourine, & maracas. Of course this knowledge comes from his intense interest in music, but I was so proud that he was willing to participate in a new setting, with new teachers & friends....and be confident enough in that group setting. I was so proud :)
Rolling out the dough & using shape cookie cutters. The dough was a salt dough you cook, so it was warm...much to the surprise of the kids!
Reese is into smelling everything lately, and this dough was "nice and salty!"
After DRM class, we stopped by Target for groceries & found this NEAT navigator set in the $1 section. It had binoculars, a working compass, & a map with all sorts of animals & land formations. Reese & I had lots of fun playing Safari. He practiced using a map, and continued to learn what a map is used for.
We also talked about directional words (North, South, East, West, & all the inbetweens). He'd point the compass & ask me which direction we should head. We also learned just how to read a compass, and I had to look that up because I wasn't sure myself!
I would say, for example, that the couch was the lake. So Reese would look on his map, find what animals were near the lake, & then use his binoculars to find those animals. SO much fun & great pretend play. This game moved outside & we had fun looking for outside animals from our own imagination.
Target also had pirate dress up stuff at Target, so we picked up a few necessities. Jeff always laughs at me, because I am THE world's most random shopper. We went to Target for creamer, bananas, trash bags, & cheese. Came home with all that, plus Safari gear & Pirate digs. HA! At least it was all only $1. Jeff said my beard was scarry, but Reese thought it was hillarious!
One more picture of rolling out his dough from this morning....

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