Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Glad to be back at CoOp!

It was so fun to get back to our weekly preschool CoOp group! Mrs. Mary had a FUN morning planned all about the letter A.
We started with a cute story about the letter A, and Reese was excited to share that his airplane started with the /a/ sound.
Then we had some cards with pictures, and everyone tried to figure out what started with an A sound.
Next, we put on our aprons & baked some Apple Pie! Mrs. Mary had such a cute recipe. Apples sliced thinly, then sprinkled with a sugar mixture, add a pat of butter, & cover with dough.

Adding a few more apples to his crock.
Patting down his dough.
Everyone in our group cutting out dough & topping their baking crocks.
Into the oven they go! We ate ours when we got home, & it was GREAT! Another activity that I didn't have chance to photograph was our seed counting. We cut open an apple of each color, & made a bar graph using the number of seeds in each apple. Fun counting!
Mrs. Mary also made some delicious muffins, and some "made from scratch" alphabet soup for the kids & scratch veggie soup for the moms. The kiddos all had fun searching for letter As in their soup. For dessert, Mary made an apple cake...YUMMM-O!

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