Thursday, January 11, 2007

Family Day

It was Daddy's idea to have Family Day today, & what a day it was!!! We all started with haircuts, and then came home for naps late morning. Then we ate a big lunch a IHOP and played games at Game Works. Although we were missing 2/5 of our family because they were in school, we had a GREAT time and are already planning our next Family Day for next week.

At IHOP, I was very proud of Reese. He does a great job of using his menu to choose his lunch & telling the waitress what he would like. Such a good life skill to have mastered at a young age :)

After Family Day, Reese & Mommy played outside while Daddy tackled the taxes. Reese loves to ride his bike. "I love to play football." says Reese (he's sitting with me while I type this).
Here's Reese hopping up the driveway...such a carefree moment...
Basketball is always a favorite. Reese is actually a really good shot...he can sink a shot on the regular hoop (Daddy says it's a 7ft hoop at the lowest point), and he can keep sinking shots!
The end of our day was making pancakes. Reese loves to help Mommy cook, measure, mix, & EAT!

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