Sunday, December 24, 2006

Um....where did December go?

OK...I see my last post was December 2nd, and now it's Christmas Eve day. Oops! Looks like I skipped a few days of posting :) Let's just say the hustle & bustle of Christmas didn't leave much time for Blogging. In all fairness, we have been continuing our learning below you'll find photos & descriptions. After Christmas (is that TOMORROW??!!) I'll get back in the swing of things & Blog like a good Mommy. So, without further adieu...the December Learning Adventures of Reese!

On the way to Disney World the first week fo December. Jeff & Reese met Pilot Scott in the line at the airport McDonald's, and Pilot Scott invited Reese up to the cockpit when we boarded the plane. MUCH to my surprise, Pilot Scott put his hat on Reese & let Reese take over the controls! Reese was just having the greatest time. He has been quite interested in planes lately, so getting his hands on the controls was a big treat!

We love to spend time at Epcot, and they had a fun table where you could build different molecules. OK--not that Reese knows what a molecule is, but he sure wanted to try to build something!

Listening to the lady talk about science.

Epcot has a neat fire safety area geared towards children. There is a mock-house with all sorts of fire hazards, & our job was to use these special "fire hazard seekers" and locate all the potential hazards in the house. Since it was a game, and Reese is competetive, he wanted to play twice & LOVED trying to win! I thought it was a pretty neat way to teach children about things that could cause a fire!

Here, we're working on making pattern necklaces. I have worked with Reese on and off, trying to help him with the concept of a pattern. The first pattern children usually learn is an "AB pattern", such as blue, white, blue, white, blue, white, etc. An "ABB pattern" would be blue, white, white, blue, white, white, etc.

In the past, Reese has been able to tell me the "B" part of a pattern if prompted, but never the "A" part. This day though, he had that "Ah-Ha moment" and got it! I was so proud...when I asked, he would think for a second and then tell me the "A" color that should come next. Moments like that might seem so insignificant, but we had worked on this before and it just clicked today. Success! (and sorry for the sideways picture!)

A friend of Reese's gave him a wonderful Christmas gift with a chef's hat & a jar of cookie mix. We had a great time making the dough together. Reese continues to practice his egg cracking skills, although this egg was quietly fed to the dogs while Reese wasn't looking. Notice how I always have him crack his eggs into a separate bowl? Too many egg shells to pick out...but we're working on our cracking skills!

We had a fun time mixing, measuring, & tasting...and of course sharing! Thanks to Mrs. Deb & Emma Rae for such a fun gift :)

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