Saturday, December 02, 2006

Saturday Quote

I actually made a Saturday Quote this week...on SATURDAY! :) My earlier post today could qualify as my quote, since I quoted lots of info regarding the Blue Train, but I thought I'd out do myself & do another quote :)

"Be prepared to be different. But also be prepared to experience a new way of life, to feel free, and to be joyful about learning and your future." Worldwide Guide To Homeschooling: Facts and stats on the benefits of homeschool by Brian D. Ray, Ph.D.

I particularly like this quote because it hits a lot of feelings I've had lately. I do feel different...different than the majority of my friends. I'm lucky to have a few great friends who homeschool their kiddos currently, but the majority of my friends don't, and many don't understand why we are choosing this path.

And the feeling of freedom...THAT has been such a blessing this year for our family. Without being tied to a school's calendar, we have been able to take lots of trips together & spend some GREAT days at home all together. We are planning a long RV trip with Reese next October, and the freedom from anyone's set calendar is such a great deal! Imagine the learning experiences we'll all have along the way.

And being joyful about learning and the future? YOU BET! I am so excited to share Reese's learning experiences along the way. I can't wait until he reads his first words, or writes his name for the first time, or all those other great milestones kiddos reach in the early years. I love it that I haven't missed anything in Reese's education so far...and that what he's learned has come from Daddy or Mommy.

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