Thursday, September 21, 2006

Our First Learning Vacation

OK, so we did lots of swimming, napping, playing, & laughing together...but I made sure to include some educational moments on our recent trip to Cancun. Mexico has such a rich culture & history, and I can't wait to return when Reese is a bit older so we can visit the ruins of Tulum. So at this age, the Mariachi band in the hotel lobby would have to do for our lesson. BUT...we did walk away with knowledge of new instruments (the guitarron & cabasa) as well as a LOVE for a new song, De Colores. We've reserved a CD at the library with De Colores on it, and we're going to pick it up tomorrow so we can learn the words & sing along! So far, we just remember the chorus (all that Mommy can find online) so Reese plays his guitar & sings for me.

Reese also learned & used some Spanish words daily....hola, adios, gracias. I loved it when we were greeted by hotel staff with "Hola!" and Reese would chirp back "Hola!".

Check out our family Blog site at for the rest of our vacation pictures. Below are the pictures related to the learning I tried to sneak in! :)

Reese & the Mariachi Band playing De Colores. It always amazes me how, on vacation, local musicians are so willing to put an instrument in Reese's hands or give him the microphone & let him perform with the band. This happend when we were in the Bahamas multiple times, & I was so excited for Reese to experience this Mariachi band in Cancun! Reese was fascinated with the guitarron (the HUGE Mexican bass guitar, we learned) and now calls his own guitar at home a "guitarron".

Here's Reese before he joined the band...playing the cabasa in the chair watching the Mariachis.

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