Thursday, September 21, 2006

Co-Op Really Bugs Me!

OK....not was all about buggy fun!

Getting ready to head to co-op with our magnifying glass in hand. Let's go hunt some bugs!!

After some great stories about ants & butterflies, the kiddos made caterpillars and butterflies with cotton balls, paint, popsicle sticks, & google eyes. Everyone ate some adorable bug shaped crackers (some people think of EVERYTHING!) then headed outside to search for BUGS! Mrs. Holly even caught a bee in a box for everyone to look at up close. AND she was brave enough to let it go back in the bushes when the kids were done looking at it. Yea Mrs. that pollinator!

After a big nap, Reese wanted to help Mommy make some lunch. He decided to make "Cheese Pokers" (Reese's term) that we had at a recent birthday party. So, with the cheese cubes & pretzel sticks, Cheese Pokers were made! Daddy even got to enjoy Reese's cooking. He was so proud of himself...because he did it ALL by himself. Now if I could just get him to clean up...

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