Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Co-Op Day: An Artist Visits!

Listening to a story about colors.

The special guest, Gaye Kelly, showing us how she sets up for a still life painting.

Gaye in action...her still life painting formed right before our eyes!

Our proud artists with their finished works. Way to go, boys!

An original Reese Williams. Value: Priceless!

Co-Op was at Tammy's house today, & boy what a special treat! She had a real artist come visit, & the kids got to see a painting done from start to finish...right before their eyes~a still life of pumpkins & a blue bucket. Then they got to express themselves on a blank canvas. The experience of using real artist paint, true artist paint brushes (not the flimsy little dollar store ones we have!), and painting on something other than a piece of paper was the neatest thing. I was so proud of how hard Reese worked & the creative side he showed. This was really the first time he's ever shown any interest in putting much paint on paper (or canvas!) and I am sure it was because he experienced the artist working!

And it was so neat to see how each child approached the task of painting their picture. Some used careful strokes & delicate hands. Others used great, broad strokes with paint globbed on their brushes. Some were happy with the colors in front of them. Others wanted new colors & experimented to find the colors they needed. Some took quite a while to paint, paying attention to detail. Others were done quickly & were so happy with their strokes on canvas.

Just a reminder how unique each child is, & how their interpretation of an activity can vary greatly!

Check out Reese's painting in progress:

"Children need to get some sense of the process by which good work is done. The only way they can learn how much time & effort it takes to build, say, a table, is to be able to see someone building a table, from start to finish. Or painting a picture. Or repairing a bicycle, or writing a story, or whatever it may be."

John Holt, Learning All The Time

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