Friday, September 22, 2006

Mr. Willy Sings!

I have always said that music really "speaks" to Reese. There are different kinds of "intelligences"...visual/spatial, verbal, logical/mathematical, etc. There is one type called Musical/Rhythmic Intelligence. I firmly believe Reese possesses this type of intelligence as his strength. Ever since he was a baby, music has always moved Reese & captured his attention. As an infant, he could care less about TV, but when I put on The Wiggles (a group of 4 Australian men who sing & dance) he would focus intensely & to this day, he LOVES The Wiggles. So whenever I have a chance to offer a musical experience to Reese I jump. Today, our Early Childhood PTA group had a Welcome Back Party at the park, and a local favorite, Mr. Willy, brought his guitar for a sing-a-long & puppet show!

As a side note, Reese has always had a sensitivity to touching sticky, tacky, wet, gooey things. He's never enjoyed things like playing in the sand, finger painting, eating ice cream, or the like. However, I see this changing...on vacation he loved picking up the sand and only got frustrated when it was caked ALL over his hands. Today at the park, he ate TWO drippy popsicles & only complained when the 2nd popsicle leaked through the papertowel-wrapped stick & got all over his hands. This was also the VERY first time he's ever, ever wanted his face painted! Usually, he'll get something painted on his hand or arm...or MAYBE quick cheek art. But he has never been interested in having cold, wet paint put onto his face. Well...let me tell you...he decided he wanted a red & yellow "around my eyes" painted mask and he sat still as could be for the painting process. The look on his face when the painter showed him a mirror was priceless. And he did NOT want Mommy to wipe it off for his nap, so as I type this, he's napping on the couch with red glitter all over his face & pillow.

Just little signs of growing up & changing habits...

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Getting his face painted...

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And the finished product! Reese says "I'm a tiger!"

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Eating a yummy, melty, drippy popsicle!

Mr. Willy & crowd using their hose to spray (part of a song). Reese made sure to grab a front row seat, and was just mesmerized by Mr. Willy.

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